10 Important Dirt Bike Maintenance Tips For Every Rider

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Dirt bikes undergo extreme constant use, especially during competitive times. That’s why it’s important to observe proper dirt bike maintenance to keep your bike in perfect shape at all times. Read this brief article to keep you guided and help you save more time when doing so.

Wash After Every Ride

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

A gentler way of washing it is by using a bucket of water. However, if you choose a pressure washer, always be careful on where you’re deflecting the water. Avoid hitting the bike’s delicate, electronic parts.

Dry Before Inspecting It

A person riding a bike down a dirt road

Be sure that your dirt bike is completely dry before even attempting to some maintenance activity. It will save your bike from any internal damage and avoid unwanted electrical shocks. If you’re in a hurry, use a leaf dryer to speed up the drying.

Check The Chain Tension

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Dirt bike chains should never be taut. The right time to replace it is when you’re able to remove it from the rear sprocket. Always maintain an allowance of ½ inch or 13 mm in order to be safe.

Check For Leaks

Try to check for leaks only if the bike is completely dry. If there are any leaks present, assess the situation first before attempting some further action. Moreover, prioritize checking the brake fluid and coolant since they are the most vitals.

Inspect The Chain

Allow the mud to dry overnight in order to easily remove it using a nylon brush. Once done, lubricate it by using a trusted chain lube. Klotz, Bel-Ray, and Maxima are some of topnotch examples.

Inspect And Tighten Bolts

Dirt bikes are frequently subjected in extreme activities, given the nature of their sport. Additionally, they are machines which are fastened together by bolts. That’s why it’s crucial to check for loosened bolts regularly, to ensure a longer and safer ride.

Check And Clean Your Air Filter

Maintaining a clean air filter not only saves the environment, but also improves the performance in the long run. For starters, spray-on filter cleaners can be an option. Then, coat the filter with a dedicated filter oil afterwards. 

Check Out The Controls And Control Cables

An easy way for testing free play is by standing your ride up then letting it idle. Rotate the handlebars then listen for an increase of rpm. If an increase is present, try adding more free play on the cables.

Check Tire Pressure In Between Each Ride

Use the good ol’ tire pressure gauge when checking the pressure. For muddy conditions, 8 psi for the front while 6 psi for the back are recommended. Alternatively, 14 psi for the front, while 12 psi for the back are preferred in dry environments.

Change Your Oil and Fluids.

Frequently using your bike for extreme duty demands a regular change of oil. If you unsure how to start, just follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that the more often you change oil and other fluids, the long your engine will stay healthy.

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