3 Most Important And Primary Mountain Bike Parts

mountain bike parts

Being an avid mountain biker or an athlete, you might think about this question: what makes a mountain bike. Then this article can help you at its best to know about mountain bike parts and their purposes. While talking about the sport of mountain biking, one of the most important things besides basic technique and skills is knowing the anatomy of a bike. A modern mountain bike consists of many parts, from brakes to pedals, from derailleurs to valves, but here you will find the details about the essential mountain bike parts.

Know About The Basic Mountain Bike Parts And Their Purposes

If you are searching for a mountain bike or have already bought a new mountain bike, you would want to know more about mountain bike parts with their overview mentioned below.


A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Start with the frame, reasonably the most crucial mountain bike part. The frame is the backbone of your mountain bike and the most considerable part of your bike, which joins all other parts together. A reasonable frame is something that sets any mountain bike apart, so you should spend some money on it. Once you buy a quality frame, it will last years. You can find mountain bike frames in two different materials commonly. Aluminum is light, solid, and the most affordable material, making it the most popular frame material. Another one is carbon which is also strong and light with the additional benefit of being shock-absorbent.


You might not need an explanation on the two wheels of your mountain bike. Because everyone knows why wheels are there, it is still interesting to look at various parts that make a wheel.

The one part you must know is the rubber tire available in a wide range of sizes based on the terrain of your mountain bike. Then the tire has a connection with the wheel’s rim, the outer hoop of the wheel. Just like the frame, the most common material of wheel rims is aluminum. The inner tire valve you use to blow up the tire sticks from a small hole in the rim. The center part of the wheel is the hub, which contains the ball bearings and an axle. 

Pedals, Cranks, And Bottom Bracket

When you push them, the cranks and pedals make the chain spin and move the bike forward. The pedals are attached to the cranks having a connection with the bottom bracket. The bottom bracket is where the seat tube, down tube, and seat stay come together. It contains a spindle and a bearing that allows the spindle and cranks to spin. 


Here is only a brief description and introduction of the essential mountain bike parts. It is a broad concept to learn, and there are several other mountain bike parts to learn about. Hoping the shared information is valuable to you.

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