4 Best Factory Street Legal Dirt Bike

street legal dirt bike

So are you thinking about taking your riding experience to the next level from dirt to the street? Then buy a street-legal dirt bike rather than building one. 

It doesn’t matter what your riding background is, Or even if you have ridden anything before. Even if you’re not into bikes but horses, riding a street-legal dirt bike is easy to get your hands on. 

But the real question is which bike to buy? Because building one can cost you a lot. No matter what, your preference is a small or big street legal dirt bike. We got the list of the four best street legal dirt bikes for you. 

Small Bikes

You are going to start with small bikes if you’re the type of person that grabs life by the balls. So here is what all small street legal dirt bikes we have for you. 

Honda CRF230L

A motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt field

This street-legal dirt bike follows the same recipe as the Yamaha XT250, Kawasaki KLX250, Suzuki DR200S. Honda CRF230L has an air-cooled single-cylinder design that hasn’t changed in decades because there is never a need to change or bring amendments to these bikes. 

Choosing between this street-legal dirt bike only involves picking your favorite color. Let me tell you; you can’t ever go wrong if you choose Honda CRF250L. 

Yamaha WR250R

This street-legal dirt bike is far more modern than those Kiwis and Hondas. Released first in 2008, the Yamaha street legal dirt bike is race special with 6-speed transmission, liquid cooling, titanium valves, fuel injection. 

Along with this, the bike also has fully adjustable inverted forks and rear shock. Having this small factory street legal dirt bike is the dream of most people. 

Big Bikes

After you have learned the principles of riding a small street legal dirt bike, now it’s time to shift into a big street legal dirt bike which is known for its power hits. 

Suzuki DRZ400S

Chosen from one out of a thousand exhausts, you will find millions of forums and videos that walk you through troubleshooting and repairs. This is the beauty of Suzuki DRZ, which is a tried and true, very capable, and liquid-cooled street legal dirt bike. 

This street-legal dirt bike is going on 20 years old that makes it a perfect used bike out of all. 


One of the most iconic supermotos and fastest street-legal dirt bikes in the world. The KTM 450 is a savage speed that is well balanced on trails and the road. Modern suspension, chassis, and brakes are complemented by a whole world of aftermarket parts. No one can beat this beast, whether you like it or hate it. 


These are the four best street legal dirt bikes in the category of small and big bikes. So are you ready to level up your riding adventure with these beasts on the road? If yes, then these bikes are a few steps away from your doorstep in your nearest showroom. Buy your own street-legal dirt bike instead of making one to save a lot of your money. 

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