A Brief Introduction to Fox 180 Fly Racing Dirt Bike Helmets

fly racing dirt bike helmets

Designed with the highest standards of protection in mind, they will provide your young rider with a state-of-the-art racing helmet that is lightweight, durable, high impact resistant and still completely adjustable. It will not be an issue when it comes time to choose between your standard junior motocross helmet and your superior adult version. The adult version has been built to meet the exacting standards of our world-class professional race team and also has been designed to meet the requirements of the junior market, so you can be assured of a safe, secure and comfortable helmet that does exactly what it is supposed to do. With ScorpionExo’s consistent attention to detail and their unrivalled customer service, you will know that you are making a solid investment in your child’s future by giving them one of these exceptional helmets.

Know About

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When it comes to motocross helmets, most companies leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the design. Most of them focus more on creating a style statement rather than focusing on protecting the rider from injury. ScorpionExo takes this notion to a whole new level by designing a helmet with superior quality and fit for both adults and junior riders. We all know that motocross is a dangerous sport for the most part, especially with the inclusion of bumps and thumps, bumps and tree stumps which will most certainly affect a rider’s balance and coordination. Having a helmet that is designed with FitTek technology will ensure that the rider’s head will remain firmly protected during the most hazardous situations.

Hugely Fun And Addictive Sport

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We all know that dirt bike racing is a hugely fun and addictive sport, and with the integration of goggles and protective gear such as the ScorpionExo helmets, you can expect nothing less from the finest in the business. The primary goal of the company when designing the ScorpionExo helmets is to make sure that the rider is kept securely and comfortable. To accomplish this, the company has adopted FitTek technology which not only makes the head safety and fit easier but it also enhances the motorbikes engine performance. This helps eliminate any noise pollution from occurring due to scraping or chipping of the surfaces.

Motorcycle Gloves And Elbow Guards Specifically For Motocross

For kids dirt bike gear set, the company also has designed motorcycle gloves and elbow guards specifically for motocross. It doesn’t matter if you are a motocross beginner or expert, the kids gear set is an awesome choice for everyone. The helmets themselves boast cool features such as fully lined face shield with UV protection to ensure the rider’s safety even in the most unfavorable conditions. It also comes with two interchangeable cheek pads to ensure the children are kept comfortable during their rides. And to keep kids entertained, the helmet also features a belt buckle that lets them perform their stunts with full effect.

Last Wo

The helmet range offers a good amount of protection for the junior riders and hence is highly preferred by most. There are different models that include various accessories such as chinstrap, shatterproof, vents, extra set of lights, snap on interchangeable cage, shock-absorbent lining and the all-important cage lock. In addition, the new Fox helmet range offers an easy installation kit and universal voltage adaptor, making it easy for customers to connect and change the wired or wireless kits. The company is also working hard to enhance the safety of its product by constantly updating the manufacturing technology and improving the protective properties of the frames and the helmet itself. The helmet is also coated with heat-resistant paint for extra protection during the cold winter days.

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