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A Guide To Bike Maintenance 101

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Bike maintenance can be a very confusing process. So here we have a guide to bike maintenance 101 for you. 

The most important step of maintaining a bike is to keep it clean. Fix a schedule of washing your bike. You can do it once a week. Clean all the parts of the bike properly. Use a clean cloth, soap, and water to wash the bike. Also, don’t forget to lubricate your bike now and then. Use good quality lubricant. It will keep your bike friction-free. Lubrication will keep the parts healthy and long-lasting. However, don’t drench the part in the lubricant excessively. Wipe off the extra lube. 

Fix the bolts of the bike properly. This will ensure that the bike is secure and safe. 

Chaining your bike is another important thing that you need to know. It is one of the prerequisites of having a bike. All these bike maintenance 101 tips will help you in keeping your bike safe and sound. 

Bike Maintenance 101 Tips You Need To Know

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Bike maintenance can sound difficult if you do not follow the right tips. If you want to take care of your bike properly, then here are some bike maintenance 101 tips that you should follow

  • When you unassemble the parts of your bike, then keep track of all the parts that you take off so that when you fix them back, you will not forget the order. 
  • It is never an amazing idea to give your tools to your friends. They might wreck them or lose them. So, always keep your tools to yourself. 
  • Before riding your bike, always make sure that you check the pressure of your bike, even if you are riding a tubeless bike. 
  • Make sure your bicycle is always lubricated; otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to adjust it. 
  • Always go for the nylon tire levelers. They are far better than the steel levelers. They will also help you in getting the job done correctly. 
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If you are also looking for some amazing bike maintenance 101 tips, then these would help you out. Bike maintenance can be very difficult, but with the right guidance, you can do everything very efficiently. Keep your bike neat and clean. Get its tires done from time to time, and you will be good. 

A little effort and your bike will stay new and in working condition for a long time. 

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