A rare beauty collection made by Suzuki Superpower bikes

Superpower bikes were previously owned by Suzuki employees of Japan and their family members. They were used as daily transportation within a limited mileage (until 20,000 kilometers), and only driven on paved roads due to gearbox restrictions; then they went into storage at Suzuki dealers.

All Suzuki superpower bikes are powered by a 4-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine with two cylinders mounted one beside another. They also feature a fully enclosed monocoque frame which is often referred to as ‘Tall Pot’. The front suspension usually consists of telescopic forks while the rear one has an adjustable mono-shock built into the swingarm assembly. All models were equipped with either three or four disc brakes – front disc brakes being twin on most of them.

Superpower bikes come in all shapes and sizes which is why it’s so hard to define them by words alone. So let’s take a look at some superpower bikes within this category that we think deserve attention:

1) The Husqvarna Viking Targa 27 2-Stroke (2007)

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The 2007 Viking Targa 27 2-stroke is a real, rare beauty. It has an incredible design with traditional Husqvarna blue and white paintwork combined with an “Italian Racing Red” frame that makes this baby look fast just sitting still. The Viking also features advanced front forks by WP to maximize control under heavy braking or acceleration while cornering hard.

The engine itself is equipped with 5 gears making it one of the first bikes ever to have five speeds. This model runs on a fuel-injected two-stroke power plant which provides smooth torque throughout the entire rpm range.

2) Yamaha YZF-R1 (2009)

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Yamaha’s 2009 YZF-R1 showcases brilliant engineering in motorcycle design as it offers everything you would expect from a modern superbike. It’s lightweight (377 lbs) and the powerful twin-cylinder engine produces in the region of 200 bhp which in turn helps provide phenomenal acceleration.

3) Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R (2013)

Kawasaki just keeps getting better with time as these new 2013 ZX10Rs are fitted with an impressive electronics package that includes ABS, Traction Control System, fantastic 4-pot brake calipers, and many more! As a result, it’s now easier to ride this new generation of Kawasaki superbikes as you have better traction control reducing the risk of wheel spin when accelerating out of corners. The braking is also improved with the ABS making it one of the most controllable superbikes ever produced.

4) MV Agusta F4CC (2011)

MV Agusta F4CC is a spectacular motorcycle with a mind-blowing 650 bhp engine capable of going from 0-60 mph in 2.7 seconds and reaching top speed somewhere above 200mph! More importantly, this beast looks fantastic thanks to its “one-piece” construction which makes the ride very smooth even at high speeds.

5) Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R

We have included two Hayabusa models on our list, the first being the standard 1300R model. It’s a huge machine that offers plenty of power and features a reliable four-cylinder engine derived from the Suzuki GSX1300R Madura which is both smooth and efficient. The machine has outlived its predecessor in both styling and performance with this latest version being more refined while easy to control at higher speeds thanks to the traction control system.

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