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Electric motorcycles, or e-bikes, are powered by electricity instead of gasoline. Electricity is supplied through an electric battery on the bike; no cords are necessary to recharge the battery. The energy source for modern cars has changed little over the history of automobiles—i.e., petroleum refined into gasoline. Such a transportation model does damage to the air, water, and earth that support life because toxic chemicals are created in refining oil into fuel and then emitted into our environment during the operation of motor vehicles. Also, dependence on oil leaves us vulnerable to international interests with few positive effects at home beyond employment in oil production/refining facilities and delivery companies.

Best electric motorcycles for reasons

A person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

There are several reasons why electric motorcycles are better than gas-powered bikes:

1] Electric motorcycles produce no tailpipe emissions,

2] Electric motorcycles emit almost no noise pollution,

3] Electric motorcycles do not rely on petroleum for fuel and

4] Electric motorcycles require less routine maintenance than gas-powered vehicles. The electric motorcycle pictured above is manufactured by Zero Motorcycles.

However, we’re yet to see any motorcycle manufacturers daring enough to debut top speed runs at satan’s canyon or WRC events in order to determine which is fastest. That means our best electric motorcycles list will likely change in the future once such feats become commonplace. Likewise, fast charging times will also be affected by higher-power public chargers.

The brand makes the best electric motorcycle

A motorcycle is parked on the beach

As there’s no such thing as a ‘best’ electric motorcycle, this is really down to personal preference. however, that doesn’t stop us from playing favorites. the best electric motorcycles we’ve ridden have been those on offer from Brammo and Alta, due to their intelligent power delivery on both road and track. although the KTM RC e-bike is fast on paper, it can also feel very wooden when pushed hard in comparison. the Kawasaki Zx 10r e+, triumph sprint gt, and Aprilia sr motorsport all rival each other for second place in our minds; they’re just so much fun to ride. don’t even bother with anything smaller than these four though, otherwise, you’re just not going to have near the same amount of fun.

The best electric motorcycle on sale today

That depends on what type of riding you want to do most often with your electric motorcycle. if you’re looking at commuting then any of zeros’ bikes will suit, but they’re all pretty pricey compared to other bikes on this list. if you’re looking for a daily rider though, then it’s hard to look past the Aprilia sr motorsport (pictured above), or perhaps Brammo’s impulse r.

if you have a penchant for going off-road, however, then anything from Alta is going to be awesome fun. these include the redshift SM street bike and RockShox xxx-xc dirt bike. both can double as a commuter too if need be… depending on where your commute takes you of course!

Best electric motorcycle project genesis

The idea of building an electric motorcycle was suggested to me in early 2007 by my friend Todd ‘Skully’ Skipworth. I thought it was a great idea but told him we’d need to raise money and find sponsors in order to make it happen and there’s no way that would work out with our busy lives; little did I know this would be the understatement of all understatement! [Since then I’ve spent almost every moment of my free time and non-free time working on our eMoto project. –Aaron] The project was finally announced to the public in September 2008.

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