Bike Components: 6 Things Your Dirt Maintenance List Must Include

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For the consistent performance and longevity of your dirt bike, routine maintenances are an essential part of bike components. Your motorcycle won’t be able to make itself factory new, on its own. However, if the machinery of the vehicle gets proper care, you can enjoy the rides for many seasons to come. But sadly, due to lack of understanding or sometimes disinterest in routine care leads to expensive repairs.

Now, if you are unknown to the care regime of your dirt bike, the following points will give you a better start. Therefore, take out time to go by the checklist. Ensuring the operative conditions will provide you with a better experience on the road.

Bike Components: 6 Things Your Dirt Maintenance List Must Include
Bike Components: 6 Things Your Dirt Maintenance List Must Include

Bike Components: Air Filter

Checking on your air filter is a highly involved process for a rider. Most backyard mechanics left the air filter while doing maintenance. However, you should not give your filter only a look just before you start up your motorcycle.

There can be harmful particles stuck to the air filter. Not always, these particles are visible to our naked eyes. Over that, the filter may have acquired a layer of moisture following your previous ride. That means the filtration process is at the risk of dying due to water intervention. Therefore, close inspection and cleansing of the filter regularly are important.

Brake Pads

Of course, your brake pads won’t last forever. As time passes by, the material starts to wear down, leaving only the backing plate. When such an incident takes place, the brake rotor will encounter a breakage. Also, it prevents the brake from working effectively.

The material of the brake pad change very quickly when it faces sandy or muddy terrain. Therefore, you should keep a continuous check on your motorcycle brake pads. Using a micrometer, you should measure the thickness of the pad material. If it is below 1.0 mm, do not wait to replace the pad.

Engine Oil

You shouldn’t take way longer time to change your engine oil. For your dirt bike, the oil is the blood that pumps through the engine-heart. The oil lubricates and also cools down all the internal components. So, always check whether the engine oil level is right for the ride or not.

Bike Components Chain Tension

Most of the time, dirt bikers overlook the chain tension as part of the routine maintenance. But keeping a watch on the chain tension is extremely vital. The purpose of measuring it as serious as the rear wheel gets rotational energy.

In case the chain is too loose, it can hop off a sprocket. Also, the lifespan of the rear sprocket and countershaft can decrease. The chain is very tight and can break because of the tension.

Bike Components: 6 Things Your Dirt Maintenance List Must Include
Bike Components: 6 Things Your Dirt Maintenance List Must Include


Sprockets of the motorcycle have the most important job of transferring the power to the bike’s rear wheel. Of course, the drive chain plays a crucial role in the action. While maintaining the structure, the sprockets must bear the heavy energy load.

As the rear sprockets and countershaft bear continuous stress, these parts wear out slowly. With a loose or tight drive chain, the sprocket teeth can come out and crack.


Most riders don’t heed much attention to the pre-ride fluid. When one doesn’t check the fluid tank, it is a detrimental mentality. You can’t assume that all the fluids are up to the required level. If the engine becomes hot, the radiator coolant starts to overflow. Therefore, always note down the level of all the bike fluids. Before filling the fluids, you should consult with the owner’s manual.

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