Cross Country Dirt Bike Racing Strategies You Might Want To Learn About

cross country dirt bike racing

To get started in dirt bike racing, one should take a beginner’s course and try finding a convenient track to train on their own. Simple riding techniques such as splitting, clutching, and riding on rugged ground should be mastered. It would be awesome to learn to travel in a range of environmental conditions. Find a nearby group to ride with as cycling with mates can be much more enjoyable. Priority should be placed on refining basic riding skills rather than accelerating at first.

Cross Country Dirt Bike Racing Strategies

A narrow path in a forest

For beginners, it’s a smart idea to start going straight because the machine will feel like it’s bumping all the way, but that’s just how a dirt bike’s engine functions. It will straighten out as the pace increases. Even, at high speeds, one’s body can be pulled back, so try to hold the body in a forward posture to help control the bike. When negotiating bumps in rugged terrain, stand up so that the legs can serve like a double-long suspension package. It is also important to learn how to repair a bike on your own. While dirt bike racing can be enjoyed at any time of year, the summer season is considered the best time for dirt bike racing because the weather is warm and dry.

Dirt Bike Riding Equipment

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Dirt Bike Motors

Motocross – Motocross engines are engineered and constructed for off-road racing, with the least amount of weight available and built-in long-travel suspensions.

Enduro Bikes – Enduro bikes are ideal for beginners because they are more comfortable and simple to use.

Pit Bikes – Pit bikes are small, but their engines vary in size from 50cc to 120cc, making them perfect for shorter rides.

Dirt Bike Helmets

Helmets are the most significant piece of dirt bike equipment, and it is illegal to ride a dirt bike without one. There are several varieties of helmets available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Full Face Helmets – Full-face helmets protect the whole head from all the angles. They have a face shield to protect one’s face from dirt, sun, or rain, but the majority of them are bulky and hinder your overall coordination. Full-face helmets are the safest option for the most difficult off-road and motocross courses.

Open Face Helmets – Open-face helmets shield the top, sides, and back of one’s head. It does not shield either the chin or eyes, but it does improve the range of vision by increasing visibility.

Where Can It Be Done

Here are some of the best dirt bike racing courses in the world –

Madrid – Many great dirt bike racing courses can be found on Madrid’s outskirts, like “Circuito Motocross,” “Pamwi Motocross,” and “Motocross Madrid Park.” Some excellent dirt bike races are frequently held on a monthly basis.

London – With many competitive courses and local clubs, London is one of the most popular cities in Europe for dirt bike racing.

Manchester – Dirt bike racing is common in Manchester, as it is in London. There are numerous clubs, repair shops, and courses located throughout the area.

Istanbul – One of the best courses in Istanbul is located in the Kilyos district. The district is situated on the European side of the capital, in the far northwestern part of the city. A nice course to race on is the “Yeditepe Motocross Track” in the Atalca district.

Zurich – Zurich has a variety of excellent motocross and biking courses close to the city centre. It is entirely possible for you to incorporate a great dirt bike racing experience into your Zurich trip.


Motocross isn’t just about racing against other riders; the route itself has many challenges to overcome. It is indeed a very exciting and enjoyable sport.

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