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Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race

Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race

When the time arrives for dirt bike racing, you must prepare your bike right away. After all, you won’t want your motorcycle to break down on a crucial day. Of course, motocross maintenance is essential, and you must follow a strict checklist. Every detailed attention will keep your motorcycle in the best shape when you go off-road. So, you must ensure you are clicking all the checklist steps:

Dirt Bike Racing Starts With A Clean Bike

It may be an obvious step to start with; still, it’s worth repeating. So, always remember to clean your bike thoroughly after each race session. If you keep your bike clean after every session, it will serve you way longer. Also, it becomes easy to maintain the bike and repair. If you want better access to the components, you should remove all plastic. No matter how you are cleaning your bike, make sure that there is no moisture before you store it.

Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race
Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race

Clean The Air Filter After Every Ride

Your rider bike needs fresh air like you. Therefore, clean the air filter after each ride. However, if you are in a racing session, you have to clean it every 3-5 hours.

Once the air filter appears to be dirty and impossible to clean, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one. Why reduce your engine’s life expectancy with dirt when the air filter maintenance is easy?

Keep Your Bikes Chains In Perfect Condition

If you get power inside, the dirt biking track is a good thing. Therefore, you must keep the chain, tensioner, and linkage- clean, tighten, and lubricated before the racing day. It will help you save lots of time. Along with that, you should search whether the chain has any cracks. Even if you find that this chain show extreme fatigue, immediately replace it with a new chain before it breaks.

Dirt Bike Racing Requires Oil Replacements

After every two races or 5-10 hours, racers should change the engine oil. Otherwise, it possesses the risk of engine seizure. During the intense race, the replacement of oil is crucial. Also, after two oil replacements, one should replace the oil filter too. Both the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines of dirt bikes require proper oil maintenance.

Check Wheels And Tires Crack And Wear

You must check the tires to ensure they are crack-free and haven’t worn off. If you find that these tires have gone through extreme use, you must change them immediately. A good grip on the trails can make a huge difference in a race. So, one should be very careful with the tires. Also, you should check whether the spokes of the wheels have loosened or broke. If these spokes are in the wrong condition, either tighten them or replace them.

Dirt Bike Racing Requires The Right Fluid Levels

Before dirt bike racing, you must check every fluid of the dirt bike required for the ride. That means you must check gas, brake fluid, coolant, and clutch fluid in case you have a hydraulic clutch. Also, keep a watch on whether the fluid lines have cracks and leaks or not.

Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race
Dirt Bike Racing: 8 Tips To Prepare You For The Race

Dirt Bike Off-Road Motorcycle Brakes Check

You would never go out for off-road racing without scrutinizing the brakes of your dirt bike. The brake discs should stay intact, and clean whereas the brake pads must be in good shape. You must lubricate it when it’s necessary.

Dirt Bike Racing Cables Must Get Checked

Taking a close look at the clutch and throttle cables are vital, to ensure they haven’t worn away. After a few races, you should lubricate the cables to avoid seizing.

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