Full Dirt Bike Gear For Your Next Adventure

full dirt bike gear

Full dirt bike gear is not something to take lightly. It is an investment that will last you a lifetime and beyond. You are likely to have a different kind of riding lifestyle than your friends and family, so you need to be prepared for all of the possibilities. It may not always seem like fun to think about dying or breaking down, but you will be doing it a lot more often than most people and there are a lot of unexpected circumstances that could cause you to have an accident.

An Overview

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If you are just starting out, you probably won’t have a full dirt bike gear setup, if you have been riding for any length of time at all. You won’t want to have everything and everyone fall off of your bike the minute you decide to change anything. This includes your helmet. Take it off on your rides and only put it back on in the safety of your garage.

There is no need to change into your full dirt bike gear and racing shoes the minute you get on your bike. Some riders like to do this, but there are better ways. You have a lot less control over your bike and you don’t want to tip the odds in your favor by putting everything on in the beginning. This can lead to accidents and not to mention that it’s kind of silly.

Full Dirt Biking Gear Features

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Some people ride with what they consider ‘full’ dirt bike riding gear. This would include helmets, gloves, boots, and any other piece of clothing that covers their entire body. This is not necessarily the safest idea. It is also the most flimsy of protections. While you are in motion, accidents can happen from your hands or your feet. The last thing you want to be thinking about while riding is whether or not you have the right clothes on.

A good way to start is by being safe. If you aren’t sure if you will get dirt on your legs, then go ahead and skip the jacket. A lightweight t-shirt with plenty of elbow room will work just fine. You will also want to make sure that you wear pants that are comfortable, not too loose and not too tight.

Avoid These Things

Another mistake is buying a jacket that is specifically made for dirt biking. There is a big difference between biking pants and regular biking pants. Make sure that the jacket you buy is specifically made for the type of riding you will be doing. If you want to wear mesh pants, a bib would be unnecessary as mesh pants absorb the shock of a fall.

One item of clothing that you absolutely must have when riding is a good rain jacket. Even if you live in a country where it doesn’t matter too much if you get wet, a good rain jacket is still a good idea. Dirt bikes and other types of motorbikes tend to run into dirt, mud, and rocks. A rainy ride can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. A rain jacket will keep your upper body dry and protect your lower body in case of a spill or accident.


One more item of clothing that should definitely be part of your gear bag is a pressure suit. A pressure suit is a great item for rainy days, but they are also very useful during any type of ride. You will use the pressure suit to help cool down after an exciting ride. A pressure suit helps you absorb the shocks from any bumps or jumps you might experience while riding.

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