Honda Dirt Bike Gear Ideas You Should Check Out Right Now

honda dirt bike gear

Learning the gearing system of a dirt bike is not a very straightforward and easy thing to do. Although you can always go for an automatic bike, where is the fun there? People with more experience can start the bike while in gear. The Honda dirt bike gear works the same way. Honda has also stepped up a level compared to its competitors and revealed its prototype electric dirt bike in Japan at the 2019 Tokyo show. The bike is said to have the same power as a 250cc dirt bike. Let’s break everything down into easy steps.

Few Steps To Start and Shift A Honda Dirt Bike Gear

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Here are a few steps to start and shift a Honda dirt bike gear. These are a few basic steps that you must know before riding a dirt bike.

Checking gas and turning on fuel – First and foremost is making sure the dirt bike would be able to run. When sitting on the seat looking down to the left-hand side of the engine. There should be a switch with a hose running through it, that is the gas switch. Unscrew the cap to see whether there is gas in the tank then turn on the gas switch.

Shifting to neutral and using the clutch – if you are an inexperienced rider then you should start the bike in neutral. While the experienced riders can start the Honda dirt bike in gear.

Kick start the dirt bike – The most important step is to kick start the dirt bike. Now, there two types of dirt bikes, one which needs two strokes to start and the other needs four strokes to start. It depends on which one you are buying, you can understand the difference by seeing the position of the muffler in your dirt bike.

Types Of Honda Dirt Bikes

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Here are some of the Honda dirt bikes available on the market

CRF450X. BUILD Explore.

CRF250F. BUILD Explore.

CRF230F. BUILD Explore.

CRF125F – Big Wheel. BUILD Explore.

CRF125F. BUILD Explore.

CRF110F. BUILD Explore.

CRF50F. BUILD Explore.

6 Reasons For Buying A Dirt Bike

It increases your mental toughness.

It is a new challenge

Helps to gain physical strength – riding a dirt bike, for example – a Honda dirt bike involves working of different muscles. It helps to build strength in your legs and arms.

Dirt bikes are multipurpose

Builds street bike skills – riding a bike on the streets will increase your street skills and make your ride safer as you will become more conscious on the streets.

Relives stress – this is one of the most important reasons, bike rides will always help relieve stress.


If you are planning for a bike, then you should keep the Honda dirt bike as one of your options. It won’t disappoint you at all. You will not regret spending so much money after you ride it but if you are not sure about it then you might go for a second-hand dirt bike. It is the best option for beginners and for gaining experience. The best dirt bike for beginners is the Honda CRF250F. Happy riding!

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