Jokey Padlocks For Your Outdoor Dirt Bike Racing Sessions -

Jokey Padlocks For Your Outdoor Dirt Bike Racing Sessions

outdoor dirt bike racing

For riders who enjoy the excitement and the competition of dirt bike racing, there are many opportunities to experience it on the open road. Some of the best locations for these types of events include California, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Each of these areas has many unique special tracks where racers can practice and hone their riding skills. Most of the tracks also offer spectators the opportunity to participate in the racing action for viewing pleasure.

Inclusion Of Special Track

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Special tracks include Laguna Seca, Big Bear Lake, and the Grand Canyon. Laguna Seca, located in Laguna Beach, California, is one of the most famous testaments to the ability of the sport. Bikes and riders can test their mettle on the back nine of this challenging course, which includes a jump straight from the bottom camber of the dirt bike.

Some tracks feature short, introductory stages that let seasoned riders get a taste of the thrill. Once the rider gains confidence, they can race on the more challenging advanced stages. In addition to the stages, each track features a multi-player mode. In this mode, riders can either compete with fellow players online or they can pit and race against each other using a standard racing bike. In addition to racing against friends, users can also pit against opponents in special tracks where there is a high amount of turn-arounds.

All monitors, such as GPS units and wattage meters, are fully customizable. The throttle has four different sensitivity settings from which you can choose. The buttons are easily accessible and are used for turning on and off the turbo button, peddling, and boosting the bike. There are also foot pedals, which allow the rider to pedal faster by depressing them. To increase performance, a rider can adjust the sensitivity of the throttle and sensitivity of the foot brakes.

A new addition to the throttle is a riding experience indicator which shows the speed and distance of each corner. This feature can be adjusted through the Riding control. The display will rotate while your bike is in motion and provide information about the lean of your bike and the amount of traction. This provides the rider with critical data regarding the lean of their machine during a race. If a dirt bike rider wants to know how far they have gone, how fast they have gone, or how many bends they have made during a race, they will be able to easily see these statistics during the monitor session.

The most exciting function of this product is its inclusion of a racing padlock. These sticks allow the user to lock the throttle, the seat, and the traction. When locked, these controls cannot be operated by the rider. To unlock them, the rider must remove the padlock. Padlocks are available in six different color combinations, each with its own unique color shade.

Bottom Line

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

The Jokey Padlocks is available in three colors: Blue, Green, and Red. They are also machine washable, so you do not need to worry about taking them outside to clean. With their durable construction, they will also last for a very long time. No matter how experienced you are at outdoor dirt bike racing, the Jokey Padlock is an absolute must-have!

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