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regular bike maintenance

Timing of regular bike maintenance: Articles in this section will assist you to decide the timeline for various kinds of regular bike maintenance services offered by a bike shop. Remember that these are generally recommended intervals calculated based on your normal riding habits. These intervals are given in days, hours and minutes. Based on your riding style, they can be adjusted accordingly. It is important to know your exact situation so that regular servicing can be scheduled without fail.

Regular mountain biking and road cycling require a great deal of concentration on maintaining your bike. You have to ride with the discipline to stay on track and you have to do all that to avoid accidents. You need regular bike maintenance, to avoid all kinds of unnecessary hassles. If you have not maintained your mountain bikes, then you are certainly likely to encounter a lot of problems and possible accidents as well.

An Overview

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Regular examination: A regular examination of your mountain bike and regular bike maintenance to ensure that your bicycle remains in the best possible condition. It is extremely important for you to inspect the parts of your bicycle regularly. If you don’t, you risk the chance of costly repair bills or replacement of parts. If you are not sure of how to perform the inspection properly, you can take the help of professionals who will conduct the examination in a professional way. Make sure that you entrust the responsibility of regular bicycle maintenance to a qualified person.

Drivetrain hygiene: The drivetrain is another important area of regular bike maintenance. Your ride should remain free from dust and ensure proper lubrication. You need to clean the drivetrain of accumulated dirt, grease and other debris regularly. Make sure that the fluid level is always topped up at the brake fluid reservoir. Every time you ride, it is necessary to clean the drivetrain to ensure that it is working properly.

Basic Bike Maintenance Facts

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Wearing appropriate clothing: It is important for you to wear appropriate clothing while you are riding on the mountain. You have to make sure that the clothing you are wearing provides comfort as well as protection from injuries. Inadequate clothing can lead to discomfort and in many cases, accidents too. It is recommended that you buy new cycling gear or a good used one, so that you are not compelled to wear old gear just because you need to save money. If you follow a regular bike maintenance schedule, it will surely reduce your expenditure on buying new gear.

Brake fluid: It is important to keep a check on the amount of brake fluid you use on your bicycle. Overusing the brakes can lead to dangerous situations and accidents. You can either buy an automatic brake fluid remover kit that does the task for you, or you can simply get the manual version of the same from the market. If you do not pay attention to your brakes, chances are high that you will have to pull over suddenly in case of a minor accident.

Tires and wheel: You should also ensure that your tires and wheels are always in good condition. You can either take your bicycle to a shop that specialises in repairing and maintaining bicycles or you can simply do it yourself by taking care of small punctures and other small problems with your bicycle parts on a regular basis. There are various types of tire pressure checks that you can use to determine whether your tires are in proper condition. Make sure that you perform these maintenance routines on a regular basis so that your bicycle remains safe.

In The End

There are many more factors that affect the state of your bike. However, you have to remember that the most important factor is your commitment towards a regular bike maintenance program. If you follow the basic bike maintenance schedule, you will surely find it easier to maintain the state of your bicycle and you will be able to enjoy its optimal performance.

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