Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track

Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track

Yes, you have to be in good shape for motocross. The sport has extremely tough fitness disciplines to follow. Along with that, it requires endurance and strength in equal measures. However, you will have to tick all the points to reach the checkered flag.

If you want to be competent on the tracks, you have to maintain strict discipline guidance. However, if you don’t know where to start with and what you should do, then follow the tips below:

Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track
Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track

Motocross Ready Means Lots Of Cycling And Running

During the off-season, you must build your endurance for 1-2 hours while keeping a low heart rate. Therefore, regular and long-running and cycling sessions will play crucial roles.

Once the season comes closer, you must pick up the heart rate for a short time with a higher intensity. For that, you can do any intense sports, like swimming, rowing, cycling, etc.

Keep Your Core And Back Muscles Strong

For keeping your core muscle strength, planks can be a great option as it covers every area of your body. Along with that, pull-ups and press-ups will help with your upper body strengthening.

You can do a Russian Twist. You will have to seat raising your legs and slide a medicine ball from one side to other. If you regularly do all these dynamic stuff, it will really help. Also, consider doing squats to get strong legs.

Motocross Requires High Reps And Low Weights

For motocross, you use lower weights but do lots of reps for your biceps. You should not exercise your hands with big weights. If your exercise regime includes lots of weights, your arms will be too pumped up. It is not great during the race. So, you better avoid the higher weights.

You Don’t Want An Arm Pump

Even if you don’t use higher weights, you can get an arm pump. The riders must stay relaxed to avoid the pumping of their arms. Once you start to think in your mind with worry that you will get an arm pump, it will happen. The reason is, you will be stiff. Do not think about it and just focus on the game.

Motocross Races Require TRX Bands

During the Moto-X, you have to make lots of moves in the tracks. So, to do these tricks and moves smoothly, you have to deal with your bodyweight. Then using the TRX bands will come as helpful. These bands are great for the sport.

Do Not Compare Your Training With Others

You shouldn’t start the comparison game between you and others. Because your judging yourself against other players is not right for your improvement.

After all physiologically, everyone requires different training routines. So, if you think that your routine training will match another player’s training, things can go wrong.

Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track
Motocross: 8 Tips To Get Yourself In Shape For The Track

Cross-Training On Other Motorbikes

Instead of continuing your training on only dirt bikes, you should do cross-training on varieties of motorbikes. Along with the fun factor, it helps in your training process.

Many Grand Prix riders practice on trails bikes for better clutch control and throttle control. But you can ride any other motorbike besides dirt bikes.

Motocross Stretch Ready!

You shouldn’t stay aloof from stretching after training or the main race. You must do lots of stretching to keep your body flexible. While you do the stretching, it signals your body to keep your injuries away. Also, it’s easy to have a muscle pull after motocross. So, ease out your muscles when you are sweating.

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