Motocross Boots Shopping Tips

motocross boots

Motocross boots have a special function of absorbing road shocks, vibrations and impact. Motocross boots protect the feet from road burns and cuts that occur during motocross events. It is not advisable for amateur riders to wear normal street shoes for motocross events.Motocross boots have two kinds of arch – medial and lateral. The most popular type of foot arch is known as flat. In general, the more flat your pair of motocross boots, the more shock absorption your foot will receive.


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Your feet stay in contact with the ground at all times. This provides stability for your lower legs and makes it easier for your muscles to absorb shock. A good pair of motocross boots should fit snugly but comfortably over your foot. There should be no room in between the heel and the back of the shoe.Motocross boots protect your shins as well. Shins are the thick underbelly of your feet. These provide comfort and protection against bends and scrapes. A good pair of motocross boots has stiff lower legs and a rigid shins to provide maximum protection.

Maximum Performance

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The sole of your shoes and your motocross boots should work together to give you maximum performance. Your shins protect your feet by absorbing shock and absorbing impact. Your sole acts as a very important joint between the boot and your foot. You need to choose a sole that is highly flexible for a comfortable fit. You can opt for either a cushioned sole or a rigid sole.


The purpose of buckles on your boots is to secure the protection of your feet. Buckles work best when they are designed for your specific riding style. If you have stiff, inflexible ankles, you may not like the stock or soft design of some buckles. You may like a little more protection or a larger buckle to fit your style of riding best.

Comfort Level

Most motocross riders prefer a pair of boots that have the highest comfort levels. This comfort level varies with every rider, but the higher the boot’s comfort level, the better it will be for you. A well-padded boot will allow you to have a painless ride and great balance. Comfort is also an important factor when selecting a pair of boots because a good pair of boots will keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable when you are riding on dusty tracks and rough terrains.


If you know your foot type, you can easily determine your shoe size by taking your foot into a shoe store and having them measure you. Motocross boots come in various sizes to fit each foot. If you are unsure of your foot size, you should try on at least a pair of boots and break them in before buying. It is always best to get a good fit.


One important feature of all top quality motocross boots is their quality of construction. They should be made from a hard leather, such as a cowhide leather or a black leather. Cowhide is renowned for being one of the sturdiest leathers available. Other top quality materials include suede and leathers.


Another important feature of these boots is their protection. There are several different protection options available. Most come with some sort of protection from the steel toe and the laces are reinforced with metal plates at the edge for extra protection. You can also choose protection that is less obvious, such as double-faced protection, full-grain leather upper and mesh ventilation for breath-ability. It is important to note that protection does not have to be elaborate; simple protection will suffice.


Once you have decided on the type of finish for your motocross boots and have selected your best materials, it is time to think about the perfect shoe size. Most stores will measure your foot and give you the appropriate shoe size. To get the most comfortable fit in your new boots, it is important to know your exact foot size. Some sites may even be able to help you in measuring your shoe size, however, in my experience, the most accurate way is to just take your feet and stand in front of a mirror. If you have slightly varied footwear, such as a wide foot or a small foot, it may be necessary to order the correct shoe size.

Wrapping Up

Finally, be sure to choose your protection style before looking for your motocross boots. Different styles have different features. For example, some have a built-in shield for protecting your rider from the steel on the kick pad, others have a built-in liner to protect your feet, and still others have a drop through that can only be used when attached to the bottom of the boots. Once you have purchased your boots, it is very important to allow adequate time for them to break in.

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