Mountain Bike Accessories That You Can Add to Your Riding Needs

mountain bike accessories

There is such a wide variety of mountain bike accessories on the market that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Some of the items are meant to hold extra items, others are simply there for protection from the weather while on the road. But there are a few accessories that are so useful and popular that they almost crowd out the more expensive products. Mountain biking is a sport that takes a lot of accessories. The right ones will allow you to fully enjoy the great outdoors while still looking great. This article will discuss a few of these useful items and why they are worth the investment.

Wear Helmet

One of the most common mountain biking accessories is a helmet. If you are not already wearing one, you should definitely get one. Helmets today come in all shapes and sizes and provide superior protection than the older styles that were made from fiberglass or resin. A full face helmet with a hard shell is probably the safest way to ride today, but there are also half helmets that fit over your head and are lighter and offer a bit more protection as well.

Another of the mountain bike accessories available is a hydration system. Many cyclists find that they are not able to get their drinking water along with them when they go out on the trails. This means that they have to take empty or ‘dewy’ bottles from their car to the campsite or other location to ensure they can have a drink before they start their ride. An ultra light system that is easy to use and fits in a backpack is perfect for this purpose.

Use Locks

A bicycle leaning against a wall

Yet another of the mountain bike accessories that many people consider essential are the locks. Some people would never think of getting one, but it really is an important thing to consider if you plan on riding in all kinds of weather. A chainsaw and an impact wrench for tightening the nut on your tires can be very useful. You might want to buy a K-Edge bolt, which allows you to bolt your tires directly to your frame. This is much better than buying an expensive rim lock.

Hydration Pack

Other mountain bike accessories that are often purchased without thinking include a hydration pack and other accessories that work to keep you safe and comfortable when you are out riding. Many people prefer to have a full face helmet, so they do not have to remove it during the ride. Others prefer a traditional helmet, so they can wear it in the summer and then put it on in the rain. Most people prefer to have a hydration pack attached to their bikes so that they can drink through it while they are out riding, even if the roads are not wet.

Bottom Line

One item that most cyclists do not think to purchase are tubeless tires. You can get them at a local bike shop, or you can purchase them at a local mountain bike accessories store. When you tire down on a hill, you will appreciate having a tubeless tire to help you dig those holes so you do not fall. Even better, when you are riding on a long straight road, the tube rings will greatly help you not lose traction as you ride up and down the road.

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