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Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

The age twelve is a good age for your kids to start riding dirt bikes. Along with other hobbies and sports, it can help them to enjoy the fun and excitement for an early age. Also, if kids learn from younger ages, it becomes easier for them to master the craft.

For the sport, they need quality dirt bikes that are relevant for the kids at that age. Of course, they can’t ride big and heavy bikes when they are starting. Therefore, investing in dirt bikes that are perfect for their age is crucial.

Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds
Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

But how can you decide which bike will be good for the kid in the myriad of dirt bikes? For your ease of selection, here is some information on three awesome dirt bikes:

Riding Dirt Bikes Of Kuberg: Young Rider Trial Hero

If you want to try out the Kuberg brand, there are collections of many electric dirt bikes. And many kids love bikes of Kuberg. For a 12-year old, the Young Rider Trial Hero will be a great choice from the company.

The bike is quite easy to maintain, and its usability is smooth. As the bike gets its power from electricity, you only have to give full charge before your ride begins.

This bike is super lightweight so, your kids won’t have difficulty with its weight. Also, the size of the motorcycle is just right for most average 12 year-olds.

As a beginner, your child can start with the Young Rider as it provides lower speed. When your child is trying to understand the ropes of dirt biking, this easy to operate bike will help a lot.

Pocket-Friendly Razor MX650 Motocross Bike

For youth dirt bikes, Razor is an outstanding company. The MX650 is a great beginner bike that comes with a lower price along with great features for the young rider. So, your 12-years old can have lots of fun.

Do you know that many reviews say that this bike is even great for all ages? It’s probably because of a person’s preference for riding on the trails.

The bike is small yet has adjustable features. So, kids find it extremely helpful to learn the intricacies of dirt biking. As the handlebar of the bike is adjustable, it fits your child’s grip right away.

For a beginner, lower high speed is great to start learning. It helps the newcomers to keep their bike in control. But as the bike runs on electricity, the charge goes down only after 40 minutes of the ride.

Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds
Riding Dirt Bikes: 3 Great Bikes For 12-Year-Olds

Yamaha TT-R110E

If you are planning for a dirt bike from Yamaha, then you will get some fantastic bikes for your 12-years-old. Among the fantastic collections, the TT-R110E is a great dirt bike for the young riders. However, if 12-years-old is very tall, this bike may seem very small. So, you have to check for that before getting it.

The seat height of the bike is either just perfect or too short as per how tall the kid is. So, for a taller kid, you shouldn’t buy the bike at all. But if he/she has the average height, the seat will be comfortable.

The easy-to-use auto-clutch system is a great feature for shifting gears. It enables the kids to learn the operations of the bike during their ride. As the bike comes with grippy footpegs, it helps the kid to have a firm foot-grip on the bike.

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