Riding in a Crowded Area – What to Do About It

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Dirt Bike Gear is something I never thought about until I got hurt a few years back. When I woke up the next morning, my face was bleeding, and my mouth was really dry. It wasn’t until I started to smell the blood that I realized what had happened. My wife had let the dirt bike off our trailer while we were at our campsite. She climbed onto the bike and began to ride it without any protective gear, helmet, or any other kind of safety gear that you would normally wear.

I’d had no experience with this at all. I’d never been near one before, but I assumed that it was safe. The accident happened so quickly that I didn’t have time to change clothes or anything. I just started to bleed. My mom, who’d come to help out of the woods, asked if I needed an ambulance.

Dirt Bike Gear Near Me

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Of course, I didn’t. I wanted to get to the hospital as fast as possible. I wanted to see my wife before she lost focus of everything that she’d been doing the whole day. I didn’t think she’d be able to walk herself to the hospital, so her friend lent her a phone, and they drove me to the closest hospital I knew of. While they were there, I managed to catch some final details about the accident.

Dirt Bikes are some of the most dangerous things on the planet. There are all kinds of injuries that you can get when you’re on one. They can range from minor scrapes to major life-changing injuries. Injuries, as I had, were rare. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t near me the entire time.

A Much Ado

A man riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

I was lucky that my wife and I had protective gear for our heads, neck, and chest. This kept any flying dirt bits or dirt from directly hitting us. I also had some airbags in case I got hurt in the process. And I wore sunglasses so that I wouldn’t have seen too much dust, dirt, or grass while riding my dirt bike. The main reason that I wasn’t near any of those things is that I’m always riding in a crowd of people, and I couldn’t see anything if someone was riding up behind me.

One of the first things that I noticed when I got close to other bikes was the color of their eyes. Some of them were just a little dull looking, while others had a really bright look to them. Some of the riders looked almost ready to fall off their bikes. And while I was thankful that I was wearing the protective gear, I was still upset that someone was almost hit by something that was almost as big as I was.

Once we got out of the park, the streets were a lot less cluttered. But the wind was blowing pretty hard. That’s when I started to notice that other riders were actually more attentive to the road than they were when we were all in one big group. While this didn’t bother me as much as it would have if I’d been riding with others close to me, it definitely made me more cautious.

Bottom Line

If you’re going to ride in a group, make sure that you are aware of the others around you. Be mindful of the surroundings and how fast you are going. Do everything that you can to stay away from close proximity to vehicles, other riders, and hazards. If it’s at all possible, it’s probably a good idea to pull over and let other riders pass you by. In the same way that you want to avoid close proximity to other vehicles, you also want to be aware of potential hazards on the road near you.

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