Routine Bike Maintenance - Everything To Know About Keeping The Bike Safe -

Routine Bike Maintenance – Everything To Know About Keeping The Bike Safe

routine bike maintenance

Let us come to a conclusion already that there is not one person in this world with inbuilt comprehensive bicycle mechanic skills which means you have to learn bike maintenance yourself. If you are able to get someone who can teach you what they have learnt through their experience, that would be great. Even if not, we have some routine bike maintenance tips you might want to follow.

Routine Bike Maintenance – Drivetrain – Clean And Lubricate

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The first strategy for the bike maintenance is the drivetrain cleaning. Have you ever been annoyed with someone riding fast at you with a lot of squeaky sound coming from the chain? Yes, it is not only annoying but also very harmful for the bike and it is clear that there is no maintenance happening with the bike. If you want to shorten the life expectancy of your Chain and sprockets, not maintaining the drivetrain would be a great strategy. Also, it is not easy to place these which is why you have to regularly clean and lubricate it. You will need some bike oil and related products and if you’re looking for a brush, a toothbrush should do and do not forget a screwdriver to get off the large chunks in the rear Jockey wheels. Clean it as efficiently as possible and try to apply a drop of bike oil on every link of the chain.

Routine Bike Maintenance – Inflated Tires

One of the most important things in the tyre is the inflation and it will have a significant quality impact on the bike ride. If the pressure is too low then you have to work on keeping the same speed with the high pressure and it is possible that the tire can get flat easily if it even hits a hard area. Make sure you purchase a quality floor pump with pressure gauge which is one of the must have tools focusing on inflator tyres. Every tyre will have a suggested pressure and make sure you check the pressure every 2 weeks. If you are not an Avid bike rider then looking for the pressure for every six months would be a good choice because this will also prevent the tires from cracking.

Routine Bike Maintenance – Nuts and Bolts

The same is applicable for the nuts and bolts and one thing you should remember about this is you cannot over tighten them. Most people are sure they check the nuts and bowls regularly to check if there are laws and could get annoying if you lose the screw or mudguard in a random place and it can also get quite embarrassing. There maximum torque limit for new bike parts and it is written on them so make sure you apply only the specified amount of Torque. You can always contact the bike shop to give you a spare of nuts and bolts and they are available cheaply if not.


With this, we come to the conclusion of the basic bike routine maintenance you might want to know. Of course, you should not forget the Flat tube and breaks when it comes to adjustments and remember keeping the bike safe is completely dependent on the maintenance.

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