Shopping For Motocross Clothing – Everything You Must Consider Before Buying

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Dirt bike riding and racing are very popular activities, especially among youngsters. Many people get attracted by the daredevil stunts done by dirt bike racers in movies and on TV. It also attracts many to try their hand at dirt bike racing. One of the first and most important things that any new rider should learn is to look out for a good pair of dirt bike goggles.

Dirt Bike Racing Motocross

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

Dirt bike racing is a very dangerous sport. You don’t have to worry about crashing and hurting yourself because of your lack of experience in this kind of rough riding and motocross. When you are looking for the best and the cheapest motocross goggles available, there are two kinds – ones that fit on your face and those that go over your eyes. There are motocross goggles that slip over your eyes, so you can see everything that is going on around you, and there are those that cover only the nose and mouth. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between the two kinds of motocross goggles.

Racing Accessories 

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

The front dirt bike goggles are the cheapest ones, they are made of polycarbonate lenses and fit over your entire face. They do have side shields which protect your nose and mouth from dirt particles flying towards you. They are cheap, but they are also known to leak some coolant, which can make them quite uncomfortable for long periods riding in them. If you are serious about your dirt bike riding, you should invest in one of the high-end motocross goggles that have a sealed foam inside and have lots of ventilation openings, as well as straps and chin straps that will keep them in place.

You need to know that motocross goggles do not just stop at protecting your eyes, although that is a very important thing. They are also extremely important for your safety when riding motocross. When riding in the dirt, you are at the mercy of other riders, who sometimes run ahead of you, and who might be on a dirt bike racing. You want to be able to see clearly, but if you happen to lose sight of them then it is easy for them to pass you and get on behind you without any notice. It is also easy for them to grab your face in an attempt to pull you off course and move faster on their dirt bikes.

Be Safe From Dangerous Scenarios 

These kinds of scenarios happen all the time and it is easy for you to become distracted by other things. If you are riding off course, then your eyes may become blurred and your peripheral vision reduces. This can be very dangerous on a dirt bike because motocross helmets do not protect your head. They only provide protection for the top of your head and you will need to rely on other parts of your body for full protection. Your legs cannot provide protection when they are bent over and you may fall off your bike.

You need to wear motocross goggles while riding off trail as well so that you are not distracted by other dirt bike riders, animals, or the wind. Even when you are on a dirt bike racing course, you will still be distracted by other traffic and you may be thrown off course. The motocross goggles are not just for looks, they also offer protection against dirt and wind and they keep debris from getting into your eyes and on your face. In addition, you can purchase goggles with a scratch-resistant coating so that they will last a long time. It may take several months for your goggles to really show any signs of wear but you should make sure that they are always looking good before you invest money in them.

Some Additional Protection Gear

For added protection, some motocross riders like to wear goggles with face guards attached. These are more for looks and can be washed when needed. If you are not a racer, you can still wear a pair of goggles that have a strap so that you can secure them around your face and head for extra safety. You may even want to consider a helmet if you have a lot of hair falling over your eyes. Motocross goggles will cover your entire face mask. If you plan on riding at a dirt oval track, a helmet is highly recommended so that you are assured that you are protected during the entire race.

There are many other accessories that are important to motocross clothing that you would never consider when you are racing on a road bike. This includes helmets that protect your head in case of an impact and that help to reduce wind resistance. 

Motocross gloves are important because they also provide protection to your hands. It is important to warm up your body in between laps and cool down afterward so that you do not hurt yourself from being too hot or too cold. 


These are especially true if you use performance or trick bike motocross clothing that does not allow you to move freely on the track.

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