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Power motorcycle racing is a form of motorcycle racing where modified production motorcycles are raced on either purpose-built racing circuits or on closed off-road courses & street circuits. The races can be long-distance events ranging from 200 miles to over 300 miles, such as the prestigious Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) which is considered one of the most demanding and dangerous closed-course racetracks in the world, with its length totaling more than 37 mi (60 km). Other forms of power motorcycle racing include; drag racing, speedway, held on a flat oval track consisting of two straights and two bends usually banked at around 45-degree angle (in Australia commonly referred to as V8 speed cars), and various types of short track flat track racing, such as flat-track motorcycle racing and dirt track racing.

There are also some true purpose-built machines such as the Ack Attack which feature a unique design compared with any road or race bike before or since.

Power motorcycle racing and the regular one

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Power motorcycle racing is considered to be much more dangerous than regular motorcycle racing due to its high speeds reaching over 200 mph/321 km, closed-course circuits with no room for error and little run-off area should a rider have an accident. The top speed record on 2 wheels is 196mph which was achieved by Danish rider Claus Claussen on a modified Kawasaki Zx-12r mc in 2009 – he reached this speed during practice at Tsukuba circuit where the world superbike Grand Prix was taking place. During the actual race, he reached speeds as high as 189mph (304km/ph) on a 500cc Kawasaki Zx-10r mc.


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The best power motorcycles are the ones that enable us to navigate our world with more ease, convenience, and speed. With different types of motorcycles getting access to different resources, an updated list of the top motorbikes on the market right now has been compiled for you here. They include cruisers, high-performance power motorbikes among others so check on them below.

BMW K 1600 B (6-Cylinder Engine) – Best Motorcycle Overall

This is one luxury cruiser that has all the amazing features one could ask for in a motorcycle. It has four valves per cylinder which work together with its six-cylinder engine that has a displacement of 1649 cc to give its riders the ultimate motorcycle experience.

The BMW K 1600 B is not only one of the best-powered motorbikes with a powerful engine, but it also has an automatic transmission which means no clutch or shifting gears for a twist and goes ride. Its starter button is built into the motorcycle key fob which makes starting from a standstill easy as ABC.

With a hydraulic steering damper, you can navigate your way around this big machine with ease and comfort without worrying about too much force on your wrists after long rides. However, most people see it as one of those motorcycles that are hard to maneuver due to its weight but if you’re able to get over that initial struggle, you’re good to go.

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