The Danger Of Motocross – The Risks Of Riding A Bike On The Track

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Motocross which is also known as dirt bike is increasingly becoming popular. People like to watch the sport for thrill and the dangerous stunts involved in the sport. 

Every year thousands of teens and adults take part in this sport from all over the world. The teen want’s going against the wind, conquering the fear. They know the risk of riding a bike on the track, but when a person is addicted to adrenaline, the risk factors don’t matter. 

The Danger Of Motocross - The Risks Of Riding A Bike On The Track

Motocross is a dangerous game. Even the pro get hurts badly, let alone beginners. When a person is on a track he/she goes really, really fast. There is 0% external protection to the rider and the roads are terrible and fill with dirt, stone, hills, and much more. 

Here are some serious risks of riding a bike on the track. 

1. Motorcross Bike Design

Motorcross sport differs from cars or any other kind of race. Other sport gives you safety while riding, but motorbike doesn’t give you any safety except for the gear the rider is wearing. 

They design the bikes for stunts that are lightweight and don’t have any kind of guard. If you happen to fall from your bike, you’ll fall straight to the ground and if you’re unlucky, the bike might fall on top of you. 

2. Motocross Jumps

Motocross sport involves lots of jumps and drives on the off-road terrains. And that’s what people like watching. The only thing that can keep you safe on the race is your experience and your protective gear. Make sure you wear a strong helmet. 

With each jump, you increase the risk of injury. And the higher you jump, the higher is the risk. Motocross sport is all about pushing the limit. You’ll be pushing both yourself and your vehicle to the limit.  

The Danger Of Motocross - The Risks Of Riding A Bike On The Track
The Danger Of Motocross – The Risks Of Riding A Bike On The Track

3. Common Motocross Injuries 

The danger of motocross sport is endless. You never know which part of the race will go wrong. Here are some most common motocross injuries. 

  • Broken Collarbone – When a driver is in the air and fall from the bike. Most of the time he/she uses their hands to support which causes pressure on the shoulder and collarbone. The collarbone is soft and might break under extreme pressure. 
  • AC Joint Sprain – AC joint is on the outer part of the collarbone. You’ll injure this area if you only fall badly on a hard surface or on top of other riders. 
  • Broken Wrists – This is the most common type of injury because most riders use outstretched hands to break a fall. 
  • Broken Ankles – Broken ankles happens when you collide with your fellow riders. 
  • Knee Sprain – Motocross sport only blows out your knee in a heavy collision or fall. Most of the time you’ll get sprain in your knees ligament. 
  • Leg Fractures – Another frequently occurring motocross injury is leg fractures. But the fractures depends on how much force is the fall.  
  • Ribs Injury – Rib cases are low, but it does take place in the motocross sport. You might break your rib in case of a direct blow to your chest. 


Motocross is an amazing and thrilling game for viewers, but for riders, it’s the most dangerous game. It takes a lot of time to master the sport. But keep in mind even pro falls and gets an injury. There’s no surety you’ll be 100% safe even if you master the game. 

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