Things To Know About Bike Repair And Maintenance

bike repair and maintenance

Maybe you’re a commuting cyclist, a weekend road warrior, or a mountain biker. Perhaps you prefer getting lost in the middle of nowhere with only a bicycle and some camping kit.

Learning to Bike repair and maintenance your bicycle makes sense for any two-wheeled creature. These talents will give you greater freedom, save you money, and even get you out of a bind on the road or the trail in the future. You’ll feel more attached to your faithful steed if you learn to care for it. It’s also a pleasant space to use on a Saturday afternoon. 

Tools And Resources

A man riding a bike down a dirt road

To get started, you’ll need a few items, although not quite as many as you may imagine. Each task’s tools and materials are given below, but here are a few general-purpose supplies to consider.

At the very least, you recommend a multitool, such as Park Tool or this one from Crankbrothers. These multi-functional, compact tools are easy to take on your bike for adjustments and repairs while on the road, and they can also be used for home maintenance.

It’s helpful (but not necessary) to have a set of separate metric Allen keys, sometimes known as hex wrenches, and some solo screwdrivers when working on your bike at home. They’re more convenient to use and fit into tighter locations than a multitool.

Clean And Lube Your Chain

A person riding a bicycle on a road

Let’s begin with a timeless classic. Consider maintaining your chain as a thank-you ritual for your stallion, similar to caring for and feeding a pet. It will make your ride more comfortable and extend the life of your drive train components.

Tips For Chain Cleaning

This movie is fantastic and quite comprehensive; however, here’s a dirty little secret: When you’re on a multi-day bike excursion, you may (gasp!) forgo the degreasing stage. You wipe down the chain with a rag or baby wipe whenever it looks dirty, feels stiff, makes a noise, or if I’ve just remembered, and it’s been a while. Then, while spinning the chain backward, squirt on new lube, wipe off the excess and ride. In my opinion, it is preferable to perform this regularly rather than waiting too long because you lack the time or supplies to complete the entire process. Let the good not be the enemy of the perfect, or whatever that statement is.

Clean Your Bike

There’s no need to go overboard and continuously clean your bike — a little dirt won’t hurt, especially if you only regularly clean the moving parts like the chain and sprockets.

Conclusion On  Bike Repair And Maintenance 

How did you figure that out? You rode my bicycle to Southeast Asia a few years ago with absolutely no Bike repair and maintenance. Since then, you’ve ridden nearly 10,000 miles in nine countries, several of which aren’t exactly known for having bike stores on every corner. My education has been entirely hands-on.

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