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Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking

Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking

Many people love to roam around or experience the excitement of dirt biking. However, the experience can turn sour if the tire pressure is not right for you.

You must be thinking- why the air pressure of your tire makes so much difference. Then you must know why it’s crucial to fix the right pressure for the comfortable ride on the dirt roads.

If you are using a traditional tire, the pressure must stay between 6-18 PSI. Commonly, average bikers keep the pressure at 12 PSI during their run on average terrain. But if you wish to customize the pressure for suiting your riding style, you must understand a few things:

Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking
Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking

Tire Pressure Benefits

Do you know even changing 1PSI up or down of your tires can make a difference to your ride? If you can think really, 2 PSI is equivalent to a 20% change in the tire pressure.

Higher pressure helps to get higher speeds on the roads. Along with that, more pressure in the tires protects the rim and tire from any impact with solid objects. When a rider is heavy, the higher pressure acts as a cushion during the ride.

However, with lower air pressure, you can get better traction. Also, the lower pressure in tires is suitable for official MX tracks where you won’t get any boulder or tree roots. If you are a lightweight rider, you can press down the tires less. On the loose terrains, lower pressure is best for your ride.

Tire Pressure Need A Good Gauge And Pump

You may not get a good reading with a cheap gauge for measuring tire pressure. Unlike in cars, the air pressure of dirt bike tires is much lower. Therefore, the gauge fails to show an accurate scale. With most gauges, you won’t understand the difference between 9 and 10 PSI. So, you must get a good quality gauge that shows the right PSI of the tires.

For pumping purposes, you can get a little pump for bike tires. In case you need to hire the pressure, you will have to get your hand on a good compressor.

Rear And Front Tires Have Different Pressures

There are many riders who prefer to set different pressures for rear and front tires. When they run super fast and hard on the motocross track, the rear tire of the bike heats up. Therefore, it increases the pressure of the rear tire. So, few riders set their rear-wheel pressure to low PSI than the front tires.

Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking
Tire Pressure: Why It’s Crucial For Dirt Biking

Tire Pressure Check To Prevent Punctures

The pressure of the tires has a lot to do with tire punctures. In most cases, having higher air pressure helps to prevent flats. The tire doesn’t compress much while it hits any hard object. Therefore, these are more likely to bounce off. But if the pressure is too high, it will have its own issues.

Time To Replace Bike Tires

We do not always realize when it’s time to replace the tires. However, there is a good way you get to know that you should change the tires ASAP! Have you ever noticed that the tire knobs have broken away? Sometimes the side of the tires also starts to split away. These are the times when you must change the tires as the bike will have less traction during the ride.

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