Top 5 Best Adventure Motorcycles in 2021

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Adventure bikes have recently seen a rebirth, with the popularity of riding both on and off-road skyrocketing. Nearly all of the players have released ADVs with huge horsepower, big displacement, and great capabilities, indicating that the manufacturers have seen the trend as well. Many individuals were turned off by the computers, no matter how amazing they were. Many people, especially those who ride off-road, just do not want a motorbike that large. Enter the market for adventure bikes in the middleweight range. The middleweights are a far more appealing package, with (slightly) smaller engines, lighter weights, and just as much potential, and have become the hot subject of 2020 in motorcycling.

BMW F850GS Adventure  

When you think of BMW GS, you probably think of the huge boxer-twins, which now include the R 1250 GS, but middleweight ADV enthusiasts should keep an eye on the F 850 GS Adventure. Although it is still a twin-cylinder engine, the two cylinders are parallel rather than in a boxer configuration. It’s also smaller, with an 853cc engine that BMW claims produces 90 horsepower and 63 pound-feet of torque. Its adventure aspirations are apparent, with wire-spoke wheels, long-travel suspension (with optional ESA electronic adjustment), standard engine protection, and styling inspirations directly from the 1250GS.

790 Adventure R KTM

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KTM established its name in the off-road world, so it’s only natural that the 790 Adventure R will dominate when the road goes to dirt. The KTM, in contrast to the BMW, wants to be ridden aggressively – and when it is, the payoff is enormous. The 799cc parallel-twin engine is KTM’s claim to fame as the “most compact performance engine on the market.” It’s also possible that it’s correct. That’s a really amazing number for such a small displacement, rated at 70kW (approximately 94 horsepower). Adventure riders understand that power is only one piece of the puzzle.

Suzuki 650XT Adventure V-Strom

Just for lasting power, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 warrants a spot on our list. It has never been the best ranked motorbike on any list since its introduction in the early 2000s, but fans keep coming back – and Suzuki keeps producing them – because the sum of its pieces is just a great bike to ride. The V-Strom 650 is powered by a 645cc V-Twin that can be traced back to the 1999 SV650. It is geared more toward the touring part of adventure-touring. Since then, it’s been upgraded with fuel injection, two spark plugs per cylinder, and a few other small changes, but it’s still the same fundamental motorbike it’s always been. That is the argument.

Rally Pro Triumph Tiger 900

Enter the Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro if the all-around character of the Suzuki appeals to you but you want something with a bit more performance. The Rally Pro sits at the top of Triumph’s Tiger 900 ladder, sharing the same 888cc three-cylinder engine as the rest of the range. It produces 94 horsepower and 64 pound-feet of torque, according to Triumph. But you can’t put how great the engine sounds or how exciting its quick-revving nature is on a spec sheet. The Rally Pro has IMU-dependent traction control and cornering ABS, six riding modes, a quickshifter, and a 7-inch TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity, among other features.

Tenere 700 (Yamaha)

Few bikes have been subjected to as much hype as Yamaha’s Tenere 700. Yamaha has been hyping this bike for years, and despite the fact that few people have ridden it (apart from journalists), we’re included it here because of the anticipation. There’s a cause behind the excitement. Yamaha’s 689cc parallel-twin engine, which debuted in the FZ/MT-07, is a lively engine with plenty of useful power. Its lively attitude makes it a good fit for a middleweight adventure bike, but Yamaha hasn’t gone the street-oriented Suzuki V-Strom path. Instead, the Tenere 700 leans heavily toward being a dirt-focused adventure bike with few street-friendly features.


Since you can see, there are plenty of options in the middleweight adventure motorbike market, as each of these five models offers something unique. Whether you like the KTM’s thinly veiled dirtbike or the Suzuki’s more road-oriented model, all five bikes here are adequately prepared to tackle both on-road and off-road chores. So go ahead and arrange that long trip you’ve always wanted to take. There’s no better time to try it than right now. And we hope that the information in the preceding post was useful in clarifying your ideas.

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