Top Bikes With The Highest Bike Maintenance Cost

bike maintenance cost

Any one who owns a bike wants to get the best value for the money that he has spent. This can be done if he maintains the vehicle and keeps in the best way that is possible. For keeping your vehicles running for a long time you have to get them repaired from time to time. You have to incur some maintenance costs so that your vehicle remains with you for a long time. But if the costs are very high then this makes the owner feel bad and he regrets buying the vehicle.

When it comes to maintaining the bikes it is a widely known fact that they have to be serviced and repaired at regular intervals. It is no brainer that you need to spend money on this and the costs are quite high these days. If you wish to know the bikes with the highest bike maintenance cost, you have to come to the right place. This list contains all about the bike maintenance cost and the bikes that will make you incur these costs. You will be surprised to see the bikes that will be there in the list so read on to find out.

Honda CX500 Turbo

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You must understand that this bike had a really high maintenance cost due to the fact that the company produced these bikes for only a year. This means that the parts of the bike are difficult to service and you need a specialized mechanic to help you do just that and it is difficult to find one. The bike was also very heavy and it was not very easy to handle the bike so it was not one of the best in the market. The whole scenario of this bike was not great and people did not really buy this bike a lot. If you have this bike then you must already know what is the cost that you are paying and that might not be worth it to some people.


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This bike is very reliable and the material is of very high quality and it is worth the price that you will pay for this bike. The products are very expensive as it is so the maintenance costs will also be really high. You already know the premium quality of the brand and to maintain the same you have to spend a good amount of money. If you are planning to buy this one you must understand that it is not a one time investment. You will have to invest in it to make it work for a longer period of time and to ensure that all the parts work fine.

Suzuki GN

This also one of the most expensive bikes that has a very high maintenance cost and one that is unnecessary as well. If you break it you will have to empty your pockets to get it back to the original shape and that is not what you want. The ongoing maintenance will make you lose money which is not the best thing about this otherwise great bike.


These are some bikes that have the highest bike maintenance cost and you must keep these in mind before you buy any of these bikes. All these bikes are great but the cost is not worth it and you will have to break your bank to get any of them repaired which is not the greatest thing.

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