What Is The Best Dirt Bike Riding Gear For Kids

A man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

The single most important thing for your kid to own when they’re riding is a dirt bike jacket. They protect your children from serious head injuries and prevent possible brain damage, which isn’t exactly the first thing you’d want to see happen to them when they’re riding. This isn’t an optional thing. Your kid needs a jacket so bad that if he or she wasn’t wearing one when they were on their bike, you’d probably get thrown off the bike and ticketed by the police. And you don’t even have to be a racer to wear a bike jacket!

Main Elements

A motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt field

The next most important piece of equipment for your children is dirt bike boots. They need strong, sturdy boots to protect their feet in all types of weather. The best boots aren’t likely to fall apart a few months down the road. You want kids boots that will stay in great shape through all the activities that they’re going to be doing with it. You can find some real high quality boots for your kids at a great price online, so don’t hesitate to comparison shop when you’re shopping for the right boots.

The next piece of protection for a dirt rider’s feet is a mouth protector. Mouth guards are typically made from fiberglass, but there are also vinyl options available. Mouth protectors keep dirt, gravel and other debris out of your children’s mouths so they can maintain a firm grip on their riding surface. It’s essential for any serious dirt biker.

Proper Clothing 

A person riding a motorcycle down a dirt road

There’s nothing more important than proper clothing when you decide to take your kid out on a motorcycle. Not only should your kid be riding dirt bikes, but he or she should also be in the appropriate gear. Your kid needs riding gloves for protection, not a bunch of candy and a cool hat. Your kid needs a jacket to protect him or her from the wind and cold, and pants and gloves for maximum protection.

Make sure your kid doesn’t ride alone. If you don’t have a child who’s ready to ride on his own, don’t get him or her under the covers with a doggy daycare package. That’s like putting your kid in a car seat with a bottle of milk and a bunch of sweets, along with someone else’s child. The younger the kid, the less he or she should be exposed to.

Additional Gears 

When your kid gets onto his bike for the first time, he’ll need a good pair of dirt bike gloves to go with the rest of his biking attire. He’ll be riding in ‘street style’ pants with a jersey and gloves. You can find jerseys at most sports apparel stores in solid colors and patterns. You can also find jerseys in ‘racer colors’ that are designed for off road riding and racing dirt bike events. The difference is obvious.

The trickiest part of your kid getting on his bike is putting on his racing youth pants. These jerseys will look much better than pants worn during a fall race. It’s important that your kid gets the proper size pants, though. Many of the jerseys available for racing youth will look much better on your kid if they’re a slightly bigger size. Kids grow fast, and fast growing pants won’t fit them right when they’re a teenager.


Of course, don’t forget the helmet. If you don’t buy your kid a helmet, he may end up breaking it. Dirt bike riding gear for kids includes helmets, jerseys, and pants and gloves. Check out all the gear your kid needs before you leave home, and make sure your kid has everything he or she will need before leaving home for dirt bikes.

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